Why the new Instagram changes will affect a lot of fashion-related businesses ?

Why the new Instagram changes will affect a lot of fashion-related businesses ?

In the last weeks a lot of fashion-based businesses like photographers, models, stylists and even brands are having massive drops in engagement, followers and likes on Instagram.

The reason for that, are the actual changes on the picture-based platform. Since Instagram is a Facebook company they´re adapting Facebooks Community Guidelines.

Instagram announced a few days ago that it is demonting inappropriate content even if it´s not violating the Community Guidelines. Click here for more information.

They have developed machine learning algorithms to determine whether photos are recommendable or not (means it decides if your content shows up in the Explore or Hashtag section) So called content moderators get trained now to label borderline content. Non-recommendable content is now being filtered.

I did some tests on my account and it´s true. Nearly every post which is showing any kind of skin is not visible in the hashtag section of the used hashtags in the post.

These pictures don´t even show full naked bodies.

Here are my test pictures.

The pictures still show up in the feed of our followers. But it´s absolutely clear that we´re not supposed to get seen anymore.

The fashion industry lives because of beautiful bodies. Agencies, Photographers, Models, Magazines sharing their work on Instagram pages. And what about underwear brands ?

I seriously don´t understand that anymore. Instagram was always an amazing platform to share art, fashion and beautiful bodies. Why is it a crime now ?

But I won´t stop sharing these pictures on my account.

I´ve met a lot of incredibly talented people there and their work needs to be shared to get seen.